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MEGAFON is one of Denmark’s most renowned and trendsetting research consultancies. We aim at clear and concise analyses and it is paramount for us that the knowledge, we provide, easily converts into perceptible results. We deliver quantitative and qualitative analyses enabling us to approach any problem field from several angles. Every research project we do is uniquely tailored and we are always using the most recent methodologies.




In addition to being ISO-certified, MEGAFON is also an ESOMAR member - the world association for market, social and opinion researchers. We are obligated to sustain and maintain all directions identified by ESOMAR involving ethically responsible market analytic conduct. Moreover, MEGAFON is obligated to maintain the ESOMAR approved quality standards regarding market analysis (EMAQS). In contrast to the ISO 20252:2012-standards, the ESOMAR quality standards are purely subjected to internal voluntarily control measures. For further information on our quality control, click here.



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