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We collect, measure and analyse data, with a great sense of the relevant nuances required in order to give you a reliable insight into your focus area.




The name MEGAFON is often associated with political polls. If you were to ask the Danes what we do, chances are that they would say political polls. We have been conducting these in collaboration with our media partners, TV2 News and Politiken, for many years. However, political polls account for only a small part of the analyses we perform every single day.

Our quantitative surveys cover virtually all types of topics and target groups, and our clients come from a wide variety of backgrounds. From public sector clients, including ministries, boards and municipalities, to well-established industrial businesses and smaller start-ups in the private sector.

Regardless of which topic you wish to examine, or with whom you want to communicate, MEGAFON’s methodological point of departure is essentially the same:



We identify the best solution by selecting a sample of respondents that represents precisely the target group you wish to examine.

We ask the respondents neutral, unambiguous and thorough questions on the topic so that the answers we receive correlate with the questions you want answers to.


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Our surveys are valid and representative, and conducted via telephone interviews, on-line interviews or a combination of the two in the form of what we call IT combination. We are able to, quickly and affordable, offer you an insight into the opinions, behaviour and demands of the Danes in relation to your business.



MEGAFON has been conducting political polls for the TV2 News since 1998. In 2008, the collaboration was expanded to include the newspaper, Politiken.

Once a month, MEGAFON delivers a political index to the two media outlets, tracking support for the various political parties. The political polls naturally become more intense in connection with parliamentary elections, EU Parliament elections and referendums, where MEGAFON normally also conduct exit polls. 

Historically, MEGAFON has always been one of the top opinion poll institutes when it comes to providing the most accurate election result forecasts.

Alongside the political party polls, MEGAFON also conducts surveys of current political and social topics for the TV 2 News/Politiken.

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MEGAFON conducts surveys on the opinions, awareness and behaviour of Danes in relation to virtually all aspects of life. Their preferred motorway speed limit, feelings about red meat, awareness of a new soft drink, how many of them shave their legs – we’ve analysed it all.

No topic is too big or too small for us. Regardless of whether you want to poll the Danish population in general, the women of Funen or members of the local football club, we will approach the task with the same level of thoroughness. Everyone has an opinion, and at MEGAFON we take this very seriously.

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The Denmark Panel is MEGAFON’s own, representative panel consisting of several thousand respondents. 

In order to ensure that the Denmark Panel remains as broad and representative as possible, respondents are not able to volunteer for the panel. Instead, we recruit panel members through our telephone interviews, thus ensuring that the panel is not made up solely of the most active Internet users or those parts of the population that tend to be more keen to participate in panel surveys.

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why choose megafon?

solid and extensive experience

MEGAFON houses solid and extensive experience regarding consulting and research for private as well as public sector companies and organisations. We provide individual counselling and through close collaboration with you, our consultants identify the research design best fitted to your problem fields and needs. 

renowned and reliable 

MEGAFON is one of the most renowned research institutes in Denmark, known for providing high quality and reliability. Choosing MEGAFON immediately signals a high level of reliability to the targeted recipients: Management, politicians, journalist and opinion formers. Choosing an acknowledged partner makes your work easier at all levels.

independent results and high response rates

It is a good idea to have your research carried out by an independent institute, ensuring that the work is unbiased. Additionally, respondents participate more willingly in studies when they are initially contacted by a well-known and respectable company. When MEGAFON is your provider, you get independent, serious and valid research based on high response rates securing the best quality.


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