mixed methods

Mixed methods combine quantitative and qualitative surveys to create a more complete picture of a specific problem.




Combining qualitative and quantitative methods makes good sense in a range of projects. At MEGAFON, our qualitative and quantitative departments work closely together in order to approach the issues at hand from various angles.

Quantitative analyses generate broad knowledge about a given issue or target group. The method can be used to determine the size or scope of specific observations. A quantitative analysis can, for example, determine how often Danes visit their local swimming pool on average, or how many Danes would vote for party X or candidate Y if a parliamentary election was to be held tomorrow.

At MEGAFON we specialise in the performance of representative, valid and reliable quantitative surveys. Consequently, our institute delivered the most accurate election outcome forecasts at the last six referendums held in Denmark. 


While quantitative surveys tell us what, how many and how much, qualitative surveys give us an insight into why and how.



MEGAFON has been using qualitative analyses to get close to the Danes for more than 25 years. Our many years of experience in working with these methods have made us experts at getting to the bottom of the problems or issues in question.

Qualitative analyses get down to the nitty gritty, analysing the social and cultural norms that prevail in a given area, thus providing an insight that can serve as a basis for major decisions within businesses and organisations.


why choose megafon?

solid and extensive experience

MEGAFON houses solid and extensive experience regarding consulting and research for private as well as public sector companies and organisations. We provide individual counselling and through close collaboration with you, our consultants identify the research design best fitted to your problem fields and needs. 

renowned and reliable 

MEGAFON is one of the most renowned research institutes in Denmark, known for providing high quality and reliability. Choosing MEGAFON immediately signals a high level of reliability to the targeted recipients: Management, politicians, journalist and opinion formers. Choosing an acknowledged partner makes your work easier at all levels.

independent results and high response rates

It is a good idea to have your research carried out by an independent institute, ensuring that the work is unbiased. Additionally, respondents participate more willingly in studies when they are initially contacted by a well-known and respectable company. When MEGAFON is your provider, you get independent, serious and valid research based on high response rates securing the best quality.


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