Focus Groups

A focus group is one of the best ways to generate ideas and discover new aspects of a given topic through participant discussions.



Focus Groups

A focus group is a qualitative data collection method where, typically, we bring together 6-12 respondents, physically or on-line, to discuss a certain issue. Due to the dynamic nature of the focus group, the method is suitable for use in a creative context, for example when it comes to developing new ideas for products, advertising campaigns, positioning or brand building

It is also suitable for highlighting how people influence each other in a group setting – through verbal utterances, body language and facial expressions, for example. This is useful when it comes to identifying preferences for and use of specific products and brands.

Depending on the target group, the focus group can be set up based on attitudes, consumption or other parameters. At the same time, MEGAFON creates a beneficial group dynamic that provides highly nuanced and detailed information about a more carefully specified topic.


Mini groups

Standard groups

Expanded groups



These different groups meet different customer needs based on the scope of the process and the depth of the report.

MEGAFON’s consultants can offer you extensive advice on which type of focus group is most suitable for your specific survey. 


on-line groups

MEGAFON has developed a special programme that makes it possible to conduct group interviews and focus groups on-line. On-line groups work in the same way as physical groups, with the difference that they are conducted via the Internet.

The discussion is managed by a moderator, and the participants type and send their contributions in a web chat. On-line focus groups are ideal when the survey’s target group is very accustomed to using the Internet and communicating via chat and similar. It is often cheaper and less time-consuming to run on-line focus groups than physical ones.

On-line focus groups are also more convenient for the respondents, as they are able to participate using their own computer or tablet. It is also more likely that everyone will have their voice heard in this type of group, as there will be less dominance by individual respondents. The physical separation also means that the respondents experience a greater degree of anonymity, and thus a greater feeling of safety, resulting in a weakening of social filters. More honest answers can thus be obtained, and the reliability of the survey increases.  

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A workshop is a semi-structured process where the participants are first presented with a set-up, before being asked to play an active role in generating output – for example a decision-making basis or shared knowledge, assumptions or attitudes.

A workshop can, for example, be held in connection with a focus group, where the respondents work together to resolve a given task. The task is often of a creative and visual nature and designed to suit the target group. In this way, the task is intended to challenge but not undermine the respondents’ creative development of attitudes and opinions. MEGAFON’s extensive knowledge about the target group means that workshops are always adapted to them, and to the issue in question. 

Finally, workshops can help respondents uncover opinions and prejudices that they themselves were unaware that they held. Workshops can generate insights that other types of methods fail to uncover.   

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why choose megafon?

solid and extensive experience

MEGAFON houses solid and extensive experience regarding consulting and research for private as well as public sector companies and organisations. We provide individual counselling and through close collaboration with you, our consultants identify the research design best fitted to your problem fields and needs. 

renowned and reliable 

MEGAFON is one of the most renowned research institutes in Denmark, known for providing high quality and reliability. Choosing MEGAFON immediately signals a high level of reliability to the targeted recipients: Management, politicians, journalist and opinion formers. Choosing an acknowledged partner makes your work easier at all levels.

independent results and high response rates

It is a good idea to have your research carried out by an independent institute, ensuring that the work is unbiased. Additionally, respondents participate more willingly in studies when they are initially contacted by a well-known and respectable company. When MEGAFON is your provider, you get independent, serious and valid research based on high response rates securing the best quality.


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