MEGAFON has made it easy for you to choose! With MEGAFON as your analytic provider, you can concentrate on your results without having to spend too much energy on methodology or being concerned about the quality.



In the field of market research, there are not only many players in the market, but also a vast array of research types. This makes it complicated for the customers trying to identify the levels of quality provided by the different players.

At MEGAFON, we have fixed work procedures and our customers are always invited to look further into our work and comment on how we carry out the analytic work. We happily invite our customers to participate in the work we do for them.We aim at clear and concise analyses. Since 1999, MEGAFON forecasts for the elections and referendums in Denmark have been among the most precise. Elections and referendums are unique in the sense that only here do the customers have a chance of comparing the different players in the business. All research institutes of substance participate and afterwards there is an actual result from which you can validate the work from each institute. As one of the few Danish ISO certified institutes, (ISO 20252:2012-standards), we follow the industry standards for market research, opinion polls and social surveys. The standards have been chosen based on best practice world-wide and dictate the procedures officially identified as the best ones.


The ISO quality system is your guarantee that you are in good hands, the certified company works seriously with quality control. In order to be ISO 20252:2012 certified, annual internal and external controls of all work processes must be carried out to ensure the fulfilment of the ISO 20252:2012 standards and ensuring quality in all processes. 

When MEGAFON handles your analyses, you are linking your company or organisation to a serious and quality oriented partner maintaining the well-known, high quality across projects and responsible consultants ensuring unique quality-marked solutions that furthermore are internationally recognised.


In addition to being ISO-certified, MEGAFON is also a member of ESOMAR, the world association for market, social and opinion researchers. We are obligated to sustain and maintain all the directions identified by ESOMAR involving ethically responsible market analytic conduct. Moreover, Megafon is obligated to maintain the ESOMAR approved quality standards regarding market analysis (EMAQS). In contrast to the ISO 20252:2012-standards, the ESOMAR quality standards are purely subjected to internal voluntarily control measures. 


Why Choose Megafon?

solid and extensive experience

MEGAFON houses solid and extensive experience regarding consulting and research for private as well as public sector companies and organisations. We provide individual counselling and through close collaboration with you, our consultants identify the research design best fitted to your problem fields and needs. 

renowned and reliable 

MEGAFON is one of the most renowned research institutes in Denmark, known for providing high quality and reliability. Choosing MEGAFON immediately signals a high level of reliability to the targeted recipients: Management, politicians, journalist and opinion formers. Choosing an acknowledged partner makes your work easier at all levels.

independent results and high response rates

It is a good idea to have your research carried out by an independent institute, ensuring that the work is unbiased. Additionally, respondents participate more willingly in studies when they are initially contacted by a well-known and respectable company. When MEGAFON is your provider, you get independent, serious and valid research based on high response rates securing the best quality.



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