At this page you can read about cookies and how they are used on MEGAFON's website.

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file that websites can add on your computer. Hereby, the websites can recognize your computer every time you visit the websites. 

However, cookies do not track any personal information about who you are or where you live. Moreover, cookies cannot be used to retrieve information from your computer and do not enhance the risk of virus on your computer. 

MEGAFON's use of cookies

When you visit MEGAFON's website, we add a cookie on your computer that recognizes your computer as you move through the various pages of the site. This cookie disappears from your computer as soon as you leave it.

MEGAFON's cookies are used for web analytics, marketing and social media.

Cookies for statistics and marketing

On MEGAFON's website, we use cookies for web analytics to improve our sites by doing statistics about the use of our site, as well as enhancing your experience when visiting our website. 

MEGAFON collects the following data: 


visisted websites

time spend on website

the browser you are using

operating system on your computer

preferred language 

the URL you are visiting from 

key search terms (if you are using a search engine) 

MEGAFON makes use of Google Analytics cookie for web analysis. 

MEGAFON also makes use of Facebook Pixels for identifying website users and in relation to marketing and Facebook updates.  

When visiting MEGAFON's website for the first time, you'll be asked if you will allow the use of cookies. 

Cookies from third-party services

Content from third-party services might be showcased at MEGAFON, for instance: 

Videos from Youtube

Posts from Facebook

Posts from Pinterest

Presentations from SlideShare

Pictures from Flickr

The content from these third-party services might be integrated into the single web pages on MEGAFON.DK, whereby these services will add their own cookies as well. These cookies is used for technical purposes, for marketing and for collecting statistics about the usage of the services. 

If a third-party service is adding cookies at your computer for statistics or marketing purposes, the content of this service will only be visible for you when / if you accept cookies. 

This is how you delete and block cookies

If you want to, you kan make your browser delete cookies and block all cookies. However, you have to be aware that many functions on websites, including MEGAFON's website, are dependent on cookies and thus cannot be used if you decide to block cookies.